About the Project

About the Project

February 27, 2018-November 30, 2018 Pilot Project

UC RIVERSIDE in Collaboration with the Veterans Legacy Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, and in tribute to those interred at Riverside National Cemetery Along the Chaparral: memorializing the enshrined 2018 services include creating an interactive GiS App and mapping for the Riverside National Cemetery (RNC) site and populated points with K-12 stories memorializing interred people in the site, created informational overlays decoding the sites rich construction, monuments, history and contemporary notes of interest, including Native American presence, a search and sorting system that highlights significant variables, including honors and citations received. We published a selected works anthology of over 70 K-12 student works as an imprint with Inlandia Institute. We produced two documentary film archives, including vignettes of participating K-12 students and teachers, UCR students, faculty, and Veterans, and survivors of K-12 student story subjects interred at RNC. We produced three K-12 student performances and a radio play (broadcast on 11/29/2018) memorializing the enshrined at RNC and are working with RNC to launch the first Legacy Day at Riverside National Cemetery. We produced 500 K-12 publishable stories as content into the GiS app. We also produced dozens of lesson plans during this period and have a very good handle on a curriculum base. We worked successfully and collaboratively with over 2000 K-12 students in over 75 classrooms (at least six sessions each class) in several public  school districts in our city and county and with Sherman Indian High School, whereas the project produced a related Veterans mural project. Too, the project fostered an understanding for UCR Tomás Rivera Library research collections to serve as receptacle for public access of memorabilia donated to Riverside National Cemetery by loved ones, survivors, and next of kin. This adds to public access of those items, allows safe housing of articles, allows RNC to have a place to hold, and allows UCR to meet storytelling of Riverside County Inland Empire Research Librarian Goals.

This project is a result of partnership from UCR to Riverside Unified School District, Beaumont Unified School District, Temecula Valley Unified School District, Sherman Indian High School and regional efforts and from February 2018-November 2018 included k12 tutelage and interface and programming with:

UCR Graduate Student Fellows:

  • Isabela Agosa, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Clark Barclay, MFA Candidate Writing for the Performing Arts
  • JT LaChausse, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Christiaan Clark, PhD Candidate Digital Composition
  • Ian Galbraith, PhD Candidate English
  • Joanna Greenberg, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Katy Gurin, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Jessica Gutierrez Masini, PhD Candidate Ethnomusicology
  • Robyn Johnson, PhD Candidate English
  • Cristina Leyva, MFA Candidate Experimental Choreography
  • Josh Little, PhD Candidate History
  • Will Madrigal, PhD Candidate Ethnic Studies
  • Lauren Mauldin, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Alicia Mosley-Marks, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Daisy Ocampo, PhD Candidate History
  • Michael Robinson, MFA Candidate Writing for the Performing Arts
  • Jasmine Smith, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Chelsea Sutton, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Kathleen Taylor, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Fernanda Vidaurrazaga, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Amanda Wixon, PhD Candidate History

UCR Undergraduate Fellows:

  • Riann Kaibetoney, Global Studies
  • Harley Grow, Theater, Film, and Digital Production

UCR Alumni Fellows/K12 Teachers/School Staff:

  • Ashanti Anderson, Alumna, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Jalyn Barnard, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Amie Charney, Alumna, UCR MFA Creative Writing,
  • Chaparral High School, TVUSD
  • Karlene Clifford, School Counselor, SIHS
  • Carol Damgen, Alumna, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Don Forhane, Chaparral High School, TVUSD
  • Julie Frias, Gage Middle School, RUSD
  • Sonja Grover, Chaparral High School, TVUSD
  • Travis Hedge Coke, Alumnus, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Kevin LeDuc, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Kolkakada “Julie” Pheng, Alumna, UCR Theater and Film
  • Paige Polcene, Highland Academy, BUSD
  • Christine Pollitt, Gage Middle School, RUSD
  • Leslie Robertson, Central Middle School, RUSD
  • Lorene Sisquoc, Cultural Traditions and Museum, SIHS
  • Jasmine Smith, Lead Teacher Highland Academy, BUSD
  • Riley Takano, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Abel Valencia, Alumnus, UCR Theater and Film
  • Carol Yarborough, Central Middle School, RUSD

UCR Staff:

  • Kat Koziar, UCR Data Librarian, Point Person for Grant Projects, Along the Chaparral Program Coordinating Partner
  • UCR Research Librarians Brian Geiger & David Rios
  • UCR Alumni James Cabrera & Kyle Gebelin, and Charles Farrar, Silvana Payne & Teresa Salvato
  • Joshua Gonzales, Native American Student Programs, Director
  • Kathleen DeAtley, Performing Arts College, CHASS support staff members
  • ArtsBlock staff, Linda Christopher & Carolyn Power, RUSD


  • Shane Brown, Mike Cohen, Royce Sharp & Cati Porter, Inlandia

UCR Co-Investigators and Mentor Professors: