Who We Are

Who We Are

UC RIVERSIDE in Collaboration with the Veterans Legacy Program of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration, and in tribute to those interred at Riverside National Cemetery, Along the Chaparral: memorializing the enshrined has entered into a two-year project (Dec 2019- Dec 2020) in collaboration with Riverside Unified School District, Beaumont Unified School District, Sherman Indian High School and extended regional community efforts and includes K-12 tutelage and interface and supporting programming with:

UCR Graduate Fellows:

  • Joseph Cardenas, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Christiaan Clark, PhD Candidate Digital Composition
  • Brenda Delfino MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Nicole Furtado, PhD Candidate English
  • Joanna Greenberg, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Celeste Jackson, PhD Candidate English
  • Eric Johns, PhD Candidate Musicology
  • Cristina Leyva, MFA Candidate Experimental Choreography
  • Josh Little, PhD Candidate History
  • Alicia Mosley-Marks, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Jessica Gutierrez Masini, PhD Candidate Ethnomusicology
  • Beyaja Notah, PhD Candidate Ethnic Studies
  • Daisy Ocampo, PhD Candidate History
  • Cuauhtemoc Peranda, PhD Candidate Critical Dance Studies
  • Crystal Salas, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Jasmine Smith, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Chelsea Sutton, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Fernanda Vidaurrazaga, MFA Candidate Creative Writing
  • Amanda Wixon, PhD Candidate History

UCR Alumnx Fellows/K12 Teachers/School Staff:

  • Jalyn Barnard, Lead Teacher artin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Karlene Clifford, School Counselor, SIHS
  • Carol Damgen, Alumnx, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Julie Frias, Gage Middle School, RUSD
  • Jessica Jimenez, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Travis Hedge Coke, Alumnx, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Kevin LeDuc, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD
  • Alicia Mosley-Marks, Alumnx, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Christine Pollitt, Gage Middle School, RUSD
  • Lorene Sisquoc, Cultural Traditions and Museum, SIHS
  • Jasmine Smith, Lead Teacher Highland Academy, BUSD / Alumnx, UCR MFA Creative Writing
  • Courtney Temple, Martin Luther King Jr High School, RUSD

UCR Undergraduate Fellows:

  • Production Assistants: Johnny Moon, Kaila Gutierrez, and Harley Grow Hernandez


  • Kat Koziar, UCR Data Librarian, Point Person for Grant Projects, Along the Chaparral Program Coordinating Partner
  • UCR Research Librarians Brian Geiger & David Rios
  • Joshua Gonzales, UCR Native American Student Programs, Director
  • Kathleen DeAtley, Performing Arts College, CHASS support staff members
  • Linda Christopher & Carolyn Power, RUSD
  • Regina Hazlinger, Linda Phi-Nguyen, Nelda Thomas, & Randall B Black, UCR
  • UCR ArtsBlock

Training session by:

Radio hosting by:


  • Shane Brown, Director of Photography, Editing, Films
  • Mike Cohen, GiS WebApp Story Map
  • Cati Porter, Inlandia Institute & Press

UCR Co-Principal Investigators & Mentor Faculty Professors: